Drawings 2009


20 Drawings of Quebec

20 Drawings of Quebec began with images from a 1970’s government report on industry along the St. Lawrence. The transfer of those images became the starting point for the drawings. They were made on the back of old wallpaper samples. The marks and stains that accrued as the drawings developed seemed to describe the actual place in a way that enhanced the photographic data; the oiliness and toxicity of the river became materially more apparent. The drawing process described a place, but also gathered evidence of local conditions.

The drawings are charcoal, chalk and ink transfer on paper.

12 Drawings of Pickering Nuclear Generating Station

I made a transfer of an aerial photograph of the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station. I wanted in the drawing to give some sense of the science of the place; to indicate the inconceivable speed of what happens inside those huge, still, silent buildings. So, the drawings fizz and crackle with lines and erasures. The transfer process allows for the development of an image that contains two contrasting information systems, the photograph and the gesture.

The drawings are charcoal, chalk and ink transfer on paper.